Versatile Plants

Our South Canterbury location gives us an excellent climate to grow strong, resilient plants. Long sun-hours, intermittent breeze, a good water supply and central location all makes us competitive in the industry.


Our staff receive ongoing development to ensure they have up to the minute knowledge and the opportunity to use what they have learnt. We have staff who are active members of the International Plant Propagators Society, which gives us a deep pool of expertise to draw from.


Heat Beds, Capillary Beds, Shade houses, Plastic Houses, Standing out areas and an extensive range of Stock Plants all to bring you the final quality product.

Some of what we grow
  • Native Shrubs and Grasses
  • Wetland Plants
  • Hedging Shrubs and Buxus
  • Ornamental Exotic Shrubs
  • Agapanthus and Mondo Grass
  • Poplars & Willows
ECO SOURCING & Bio-degradable pots option

We collect and process our own seed from various sites throughout the country. We are experienced in growing for long-term planting projects.

Eco-friendly growing containers are available for contract growing projects.


IPPS New Zealand
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